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Photo of Xabier Meilán
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Xabier Meilán

Xabier Meilán holds a PhD in political science and international relations and a master’s in journalism. He has worked in election observation and assistance since 2002. read more

Teresa Polara

Teresa Polara holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and has worked for the EU, the UN and the OSCE, in Europe and in nineteen developing countries, on democracy support, electoral assistance and election observation. read more

Photo of Armin Rabitsch
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Armin Rabitsch

Armin is the chairperson of Election-Watch.EU, a non-partisan election observer organisation. As election adviser, including for European institutions, he authored several reference documents in elections related to human rights and Artificial Intelligence. read more

Photo of Michael LIDAUER
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Michael Lidauer

Michael is a scholar-practitioner and co-founder of Election-Watch.EU. He works for a variety of international organisations and think tanks as senior policy advisor as well as political and election analyst. read more

Photo of Domenico Tuccinardi
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Domenico Tuccinardi

Domenico Tuccinardi is the Executive Director of the EDGE Foundation and serves as the Political and Electoral Participation Coordinator at EPD. Domenico served in a senior capacity for several electoral management and observation programs and missions. read more

Photo of Dr. Beata Martin-Rozumiłowicz
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Beata Martin-Rozumiłowicz

Dr. Beata Martin-Rozumiłowicz is an Electoral Expert with more than 20 years of experience globally. She’s been DCO on various EU EOMs, IFES’ Europe/Eurasia Director, and headed OSCE/ODHIR’s Election Department. read more

Photo of Adina-Borcan
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Adina Borcan

Dr Adina Borcan is Senior Communication and Electoral Expert. She holds a degree in Journalism and Communication and a Master in European Studies. She completed her academic path with a PhD. read more

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Dr. Giselle Bosse

Dr Giselle Bosse is Associate Professor and Jean Monnet Chair in EU International Relations at Maastricht University. She is also a European Democracy Hub Fellow. read more

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