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Where Does European Democracy Support Funding Go?

Learn more about our European Democracy Support Funding dataset and how you can explore it through our interactive datatool. The dataset captures core democracy support from different European Institutions, European Union member states and Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdom, which we refer to as European donors.

Explore the interactive tool

First, you can look into spending flows, where you can review the different disbursements going from donors to recipient regions or countries, and the categories this aid falls into. Here you can open each donor card and see how this support has evolved through time, the financial flows to each category and its corresponding recipients. At the end of each page, you can also find how this support is delivered. Do not forget to use the timeline filter to explore different years in more detail.

infographic showing summary of 12 democracy support spending categories

Second, you can look at the geographic distribution by accessing the map. There you can see a quick overview of the countries a donor focuses on in terms of their democracy support activities. You can also get a quick overview of how donors have supported different regional programmes. Make sure you use the timeframe filter to look into different years.

To read the full breakdown of the data tool’s methodology and dataset concept, click here.

About the Data Tool

Curious how we built the data tool? Find out more about what lies behind the data set and learn how we categorised (and recategorised) the numbers.

About the Data Tool

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