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Europe’s Democracy Blind Spots

A compilation of insights from 11 democracy support experts.

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What is the current state of democracy within Europe's walls? As we gear up for the 2024 European Parliament elections and a change in EU leadership, the European Democracy Hub dives underneath the radar. While the debate is dominated by concerns regarding the rise of the far right movements and who will take on European leadership positions, the report argues that this risks blinding us to deeper issues of democratic renewal that are critical for European prosperity and security. Composed of 11 chapters, each sharpens the report with a thematic focus, authored by Richard Youngs (ed.), Alberto Allemano, Senem Aydın-Düzgit, Suzana Carp, Andreas E. Feldmann, Maia Koytcheva, Hans Kundnani, Niccolò Milanese, Aarti Narsee, Alvaro Oleart, Elene Panchulidze, Niranjan Sahoo, and Michael Saward.

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